These styleframes were done for Roger Dubuis project at Trizz.
There are too many of them to put in one project and i want to share my career story so here it is:

I never chose Autodesk Maya to start my career but it was the main tool at Gnomon School so Maya happened naturally. At some point i got really tired of fighting it all the time when i wanted to make simple things, the tools were not available. Maya was not good tool for a designer. Frustration was building up and i remember talking to my wife about quitting 3d. After 3 months summer brake i decided not to give up. But i had to switch to something new and excited. Houdini was one of the options but learning curve was too steep and i needed "get out of jail free card" fast. Cineama 4d was the only option left as Autodesk killed Softimage and 3dMax was the cooler brother of Maya but the same family. So full speed to C4d.

Yes Cinema has limitations but its fun! GPU rendering "revolution" was already happening and i was blown away that i don't have to look at buckets slowly crawling on my screen. Maya's prehistoric particle system was never interest of mine but Xparticles baptized me and i can say "particles is FUN".

My "to learn list" seems to get longer then shorter and thats okey as i enjoy the process more, my work gets better and need doors are opening (or windows). Writing this post from London (being super home sick as my wife and daughter is away) as its my first project with Man vs Machine and i cant miss this opportunity.

Houdini - your are next! I know it will take time but everything takes time. Be patience, hard working and good things will happen!