ROGER DUBUIS - “Painting with Light”

Working with Trizz is like visiting your grandmother, but she lives in Barcelona. No its not like holidays but you feel very welcome and sun outside generates enough vitamin D to make you happy.

My task was to push the idea that fast moving car leaves the trail behind that forms the watch. But this concept was done before so Trizz director Oriol Puig and myself were looking for something fresh.

Tiny things in repetitions always looks great so i started experimenting with curves. Cinema4d and Xparticles were speedy enough to produce tone of tests. With a bit of patience i came up with the light projection technique on the curves that worked great. The trick is choosing correct texture for projection and from there its like "Painting with Light". After the look was established talented Trizz team continued polishing commercial.

Once again, i had great time working at Trizz. See you next time


Pre Production