About me "Black pixels" is a personal site of Evaldas Cesnavicius. Evaldas is creative designer and art director. He studied at "Gnomon School of Visual Effects” in Los Angeles. After attending the school he continued working at digital film making and design company - Korb and freelance across motion design and concept development leading studios such as: Trizz in Barcelona, Tendril in Toronto, Man vs Machine in London and other. Based in Northern Europe, working worldwide!

Work hard, push the boundaries, relax, learn new things, get inspired, enjoy the process, see the world!

M83, Joseph Kosynski, Dieter Rams, TED, Yoann Lemoine, Space, Gmunk, Louis Kahn, Andrei Tarkovsky, Hans Vegner, Danny Yount, Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, Philip K. Dick, Kyle Cooper, David Fincher

Kite boarding + Beach Volleyball

Evaldas Cesnavicius
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Based in Northern Europe, working worldwide!

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Star Maker

Published: 1937
ISBN: 1-85798-807-8
Pages: 339
Genre: Science fiction
Olaf Stapledon

Born: 10 May 1886
Died: 6 September 1950
Cheshire, England, UK
Science fiction, Philosophy
Other Works

Last and First Men
Odd John
Last Men in London
Darkness and the Light