2016 Art direction / Look dev reel    

Selection of work i was proud in 2016. When i look back, switching to C4d was my best decition that opened my eyes to better design tools. Now its time for Houdini. Here i come!


0 - 7s "Wooden Mountains": responsible for all aspects
7 - 15s "MTV Speaker": responsible for lood dev: modeling, texturing, displacement, camera. Korb.tv project.
16 - 22s "Scale your Celebration": responsible for: shot compositions, procedural modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering.Korb.tv project.

22 - 30s "Hyundai Brand Vision" responsible for: art direction, look dev, space modeling, texturing, lighting, animation. (not water simulation). Trizz.tv project.
30 - 40s "Renuage": responsible for: art direction, look dev, lighting, shading, camera compositions. trizz.tv project.
40 - 47s "Coca Cola" responsible for botle animation (ncloth experiments). Korb.tv project.
47 - 52s "Huynday Brand Vision" responsible for: art direction, design, modeling, texturing, lighting, dynamics, camera, edit.Trizz.tv project.
52 - 1.01m "CCTV Ident" Responsible for: look development, lighting, shading, texturing. Korb.tv project.
1.01 - 1.15m "Requiem" responsible for: VFX sup, art direction, look dev, lighting texturing. silvanderwoerd.com project.

Moderat - III (Instrumentals) - The Fool
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